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Merit's Raving Fans for Virtual & In Person Keynotes & Programs

Whether your event is virtual or in person, you can open or close the event with a keynote packed with content and wrapped in inspiration and laughs. Set the stage to create new possibilities.

Merit's Raving Fans for Breakouts & Training

Choose a specific topic or a series of topics to create a custom program deliberately designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals who sell high end custom solutions in a highly competitive marketplace with a consultative sales process.

Merit's Raving Fans for Group & VIP Coaching

Some do. Some teach. Merit does both. Pick the coaching program that meets you where you are. Accountability structures, community support and tough love coaching.

Merit's Raving Fans for Consulting Projects

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders. Tons of Sales Topics. Onboarding New Sales Hires. Business Development for Professionals. Panel Facilitation. Got another idea? Bring it on.

Will You Be Merit's Next Raving Fan?

Whoa... let's not get ahead of ourselves, though I love your enthusiasm. Let's talk and see if my areas of expertise are a match for what you need.


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