You've got Merit!

True story... I once dated a man whose last name is Worthy.

Yep, I was one Vegas trip away from being Merit Worthy.

Also true... my life's work is about helping entrepreneurs and business professionals not just sell more... but be worthy to earn more.  

I don't sell programs, I am your partner. I unleash your potential, your team's capabilities. By the time we complete our engagement, I want you and your team to feel like you are your own safety net... no matter what comes your way, you have what it takes to achieve your sales goals.


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Started my business in 1998 and have never looked back. I do the work, I go out and get the work, I take out the trash. And then I wake up early and do it all over again. 






Certified in Emotional Intelligence. Certified Professional Speaker. I have lead sales, sales management and leadership training, coaching & consulting programs since 1998.

Live and virtual delivery options.

Large or small groups.



In front of a camera since my Gerber baby modeling days. Starred in Annie in middle school. Trained in improv and stand-up comedy. Perform stand-up comedy regularly, just for the fun of it. Keynote & training audiences generally don't heckle, but if they do, I'm ready for them!


Everything changed. Now more than ever, salespeople & leaders who have to sell in spite of market conditions, need relevant sales content wrapped in humor & interaction.

"Cross between Daniel Goleman, Tony Robbins & Ellen Degeneres... smart, inspiring & funny! Merit combines content, connection & comedy to increase sales, influence leadership & impact communication."

Merit Kahn (formerly Gest), CSP, is the Founder of Merit-based Business, author of Myth Shift: Challenging The Truths That Sabotage Success and creator of The Merit Method for Sales Mastery program, co-host of The Smarter Sales Show podcast featured on The Sales Experts Channel... and... writer, producer and star of the one-woman inspirational comedy show, "Book of Merit".

With more than 20 years of sales, sales management, coaching, training, consulting, writing and speaking experience, Merit has worked with thousands of clients across multiple industries with one goal in mind... grow sales and influence.

She is certified in Emotional Intelligence and earned the highest designation in The National Speakers Association, one held by less than 12% of professional speakers worldwide, The Certified Speaking Professional, CSP. 

And, as a Certified Virtual Presenter, you can relax knowing that Merit's programs can be delivered in whatever format you need. Large audiences, small group interactions... live or virtual... Merit delivers relevant content wrapped in humor and laced with interaction.

Need a little comic relief during the meeting? Merit performs stand-up comedy to unwind... because that's not stressful at all!

Your attendees invest their energy, time and money to go to the event. They deserve a high energy, content rich, engaging speaker who understands how to capture attention, inspire people into action and make 'em laugh.

Whether she is on stage with thousands or working with a small executive team, her presentation style is a blend of content, connection & comedy.

All of Merit's work is specifically designed for each unique client.

Merit's work experience and certifications in both Emotional Intelligence and cultural transformation give her a unique perspective for hiring, onboarding, selling and retaining top talent.

Prior to forming Merit-based Business, Merit was the Senior VP of Sales for a nationwide sales training organization and the youngest General Sales Manager for a start-up radio station in the country's third largest market.

In her various roles as a business owner, trainer, coach, consultant and keynote speaker, she has worked with CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, sales management teams and professionals across a wide variety of industries including financial services, manufacturing, engineering, professional services, technology and even pest control.

A true adventurer, Merit pulls business and life lessons from her experiences backpacking around the world on her own, bungee jumping, sky diving, ice climbing, scuba diving, paragliding and crashing. She's likely the only person on the planet who's broken a left foot in Israel and a right leg in Croatia, but somehow she's walked away from both with inspiring messages that enable people to create new possibilities in business and life.


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