Merit-based Business Academy

Deliberately designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals in high trust industries who sell high end custom solutions using a consultative sales approach. Choose your own experience from our digital on-demand content, group and private coaching programs or custom workshops and virtual corporate training.


Sounds interesting, walk me through the details...

What you need to know

Who is the best fit for Merit-based Business Academy programs?

Here's the thing... we've worked hard to provide something for everyone, but not everyone is a great match for the sales methodology we teach.

We're not the best option if you

  • sell strictly to governments
  • sell by responding to RFPs only
  • sell a commodity product online

You are a great fit for our programs if:

  • You have been in sales/sales management or have owned your own business long enough to know it's not good enough to be good at what you do, you have to be great at getting the business.
  • What you sell is custom, creative or complicated and requires a sales professional to complete a transaction, in other words, I can't buy what you sell online, I need your expertise, advice or consultation.
  • There is growth potential in your business/industry.
  • You have a history of investing in your professional and personal development.
  • You are open-minded. You are not a know-it-all. 
  • You believe sales is a serious game, but you don't take yourself too seriously.

If that sounds like you, then let's get the party started! 

We'll meet you where you are...

Less money and more time... start with digital downloads and online courses.

More money and short timeframe... go directly to private coaching.

Need content for your team... head on over to workshops and virtual training programs.

Need a community of sales-minded go-getters... group coaching is where you will find your community and raise your game.

Got another idea? Super, let us know!

Are there specific start dates or can I start when I'm ready?

We are ready when you are. I mean, we are here to help you grow your business... why would we make you wait to get started?!

Having said that, depending on the content being delivered in the group sessions at the time you start, we may recommend some pre-work so things make sense immediately.

We will always start with a 1 on 1 private meeting to onboard you into the program, set up your desired outcomes and discuss your member benefits.  

What is included?

Think of this as a membership and you can be a member of Merit-based Business Academy in a number of ways:

Digital members invest in the specific courses they need or access to the full digital library.

Coaching members invest in access to group coaching or private coaching. 

Corporate members invest in custom or off-the-shelf training courses. 

Here's the best part... 

There are no contracts, but because of the limited number of these offers, there is a three-month minimum commitment for private coaching memberships.  

After that there is no cancellation penalty. It's simple... Stay as long as you continue to get value that exceeds your investment. Period.  

Having said that, it's wise to plan for a full year's membership so you've got the support you need at every phase of your sales cycle.  

Who is the Merit-based Business Academy intended to best serve?

People who use a consultative sales process to sell high end products and services by building and maintaining relationships.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Consultants
  • Professionals who have to develop their own business
  • Speakers who sell their own programs
  • Commission based salespeople who invest in their own development
  • Sales driven companies who invest in their salespeople
I'm new to sales. Will this help me?

Yes, it will help you... but you'll have to claw your way in. Our experience is that people in their first 3 years of grinding it out in sales need a little street cred before the advanced methodology we teach will be most appreciated. (But hey, if you prefer to learn the advanced moves right out of the gate... we love that kind of spunk!)

It's not personal, just go out and get beat up for a little while so when you enter the Merit-based Academy you've got some stories to share with your colleagues about the old days when you thought sales was just a numbers game.

This is the course most seasoned professionals wish they had earlier in their career... so if we're being short sighted and you really want to get in before you've endured 3 years of rejection, just set up a call.

We are open to hearing from go-getters who convince us they are ready.

I've been in sales my whole career. What else is there to learn?

As a seasoned sales pro, you know how important it is to keep your skills sharp, but this is more than just what to say, when and how. 

This is a comprehensive program that deals with the layer beneath all the skills and behaviors you've already mastered.

If you want to be more influential with others, you must understand what has influence over you. 

This curriculum is based on understanding what influences you and how to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence from the inside out. It ain't your daddy's ole fashioned sales training.

Master your Sales Mindset to better utilize the skills you have and learn ways to tweak your approach based on your own Emotional Intelligence.

Plus, you will be part of an exclusive community of Merit-based Business Academy members with a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to help everyone reach the top.  

Give it to me straight. What's the cost?

Nothing to hide here.

Digital Programs & Online Courses range from $47 - $997

Group Coaching Membership is $249/month

Private Coaching Membership is $1497/month

No long term contracts.

We strongly encourage a three month minimal mental commitment. 

Stay as long as the value you receive exceeds the investment you made.  

Due to Coronavirus I am concerned about travel. Can I participate virtually?

The Merit-based Business Academy is a 100% virtual delivery model. 

When it is safe to meet in groups again we will add optional live programs. 

Merit-based Business Academy members at both the group and private levels will receive special pricing on all future live events.


Sounds interesting, walk me through the details...


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